Military museum and culture building has an important research library going back to the period of Museum directorship of Ahmet Muhtar Pasha (1908-1926). Most of the works in the collection cover history and military subjects.

The mission of our library is to offer the cultural heritage coming from past for the services of researchers and to transfer it to the next generation. For this reason, light, temperature and humidity values are kept under control continuously so as to protect the collection.

Library of military museum the first collection of which consisted of Military museum publications and hand-painted works and enriching in time renders services to the researchers with book, photograph archive, document collection during weekday between 08:3-12.00, 13.00- 17.00.

The military library experienced the development process with Ahmet Muhtar Pasha’s being museum director after the declaration of constitutional period. Fee was collected from the visitors so as to derive revenue for execution of services in the museum established with a minor allowance such as 500 kuruş in a month, shooting was performed in shooting range against remuneration, and movie was watched in the movie house.

Ahmet Muhtar Pasha donated his bookcase and books to the museum so as to introduce the museum to the public and to attract more visitors. So the foundation of the library was laid. Then, library collection enriched with supply, donation and purchasing and gained its current position and carries on developing.

The library offering service in a small room of St. Irini continued service in the dining hall of Military college in 1959 when the military museum was opened again, it was moved to current place built in Military College in 1987 and carries on its service in a modern environment.

Library of military museum keeps its activities on the second floor of Military museum and culture building command headquarters.

There are reading halls, application works, information desk and lending desk, book store, painting and Picture store, photograph archive, microfilm machines and computer with Internet on the first floor of three-floor library. There are hand-painted work store, albums and periodicals on the second floor and there is official military publishing on the third floor.

Military Museum Library Collection

Subject Item Total
BOOK 11.325 17.394
FOTOGRAFH 1.496 3.782
JOURNAL 68 225
ALBUM 33 191
PAINTING 187 190
SIGN 46 61
MAP 35 42
ATLAS 9 11
PLAN 3 3
Total 13.492 24.785

Example objects selected from the library

Kitabü'l Kanunü'l Mes'udi Fi İlm-i Nücum

Mecmua-i Heyet-ül Kadime Vel- Cedide

Sa'nat-ı Kitabet ve Kıraat

Traite De L’algebre

Usul-Üs Siyaga

INFORMATION SERVICE: Information service such as providing the source material, subject limitation, microfilm machine and Internet use is provided for the museum personnel and authorized researchers.

LENDING SERVICE: Books that do not have any quality of historical artifacts are lent to the museum personnel for 15 days.

MICROFILM SERVICE: The microfilms of the manuscripts can be read using the microfilm equipment.

CD SERVICE: The manuscripts in compact discs (CD) can be read via computer

DIA SERVICE: The DIA of to the available works in the museum can be provided for the authorized researchers through reproduction provided that the fees are borne by the researchers.

PHOTOCOPY SERVICE: If they request, the authorized researchers can benefit from the photocopy service for a fee.

Our library renders service to museum personnel and authorized researchers with total 50-user capacity in weekday, between 08.30-12.00 13.00 -17.00.

There are total 24.621 works such as book, photograph, album, paintings in our collection.

15.000 of works are of the quality of historical artifacts. For this reason, researchers are required to get permission from General Staff Military history and strategic study with application so as to benefit from the library. The subject to be searched and the document to be used and utilization form (photo shooting, photocopy, dia shooting, microfilm service, etc.) must be stated in permission application.

Encyclopaedia and dictionaries, books purchased recently and Atatürk’s books being of application source quality are at disposal of museum personnel.