Other Activities

There is Hasan Rıza Exhibition Hall next to the Museum Introduction Hall. The hall consists of three sections to pass through and to be provided against remuneration for exhibition activities of soldier and civil artists. Name of Hasan Rıza (1860-1912) who grew up in military school and is a painter famous for battle pictures and has many works in Military Museum collection is granted here. Traditional art gallery of alive soldier painters organized by Military museum and culture building command are hold biennially in the said hall. Person and institutions may hold an exhibition in Hasan Rıza Exhibition Hall. Exhibition activities can be visited between 09.00 and 17.00 every day. Visitors can benefit from free 200-vehicle parking lot and 100-person cloakroom during activities. Exhibition space is open everyday.

Architectural arrangements performed in the Military museum for the physically disabled visitors in accordance with world standards were launched in 1997.

In addition to architectural arrangements such as direction signs being of Wheelchair emblem and being used from the entrance of garden, elevators, ramp, telephone and toilets, the personnel to help the visitors using Wheel chair are present every time.

Physically disabled visitors are enabled to visit the museum comfortably.

In addition to brochures introducing military museum and collections, catalogues of military museum, firearms, tents, calligraphy works, tambac works, hand-painted works, pictures, soldier painters, medals and badge were published. Catalogue of exhibition of alive soldier painters and book of museology seminar papers are published as periodical publication.

These activities in the publishing life of military museum are of great significance in terms of the society and Turkish museology.

Moreover, free introductory brochures printed are distributed to the museum visitors within the scope of introduction of Military museum and Mehter band Member Company with these activities.

Restoration and Conservation department with its current name within Military Museum and Cultural Complex Command was put into operation in 1983 as “Maintenance and Repair Department”. Maintenance and Repair Department, which have been operating up until now since 1983, played a pioneering role in the introduction of technology into the museums in Turkey and in the standard practices of museology necessary for contemporary museology with its exhibition areas and elements after opening of Military museum with a new exhibition system in 1993. The department of maintenance and repair, which was given different names in different periods since its foundation, was called “Restoration and Conservation Department” as of this date.

The purpose of Restoration and Conservation Department is to stop or retard deformations of the historical artifacts through the necessary treatment and therefore to lengthen the life of the work. These treatments are performed in the following workshops:

Weapon Workshop

Restoration and conservation processes are performed in weapon workshop by applying mechanical and chemical cleaning methods to all types of firearms, cutting, attack, defense weapons available in the museum collection.

Workshop for Chemical Procedures

Restoration and conservation process are performed in the workshop for chemical procedures through applying mechanical and chemical cleaning methods to the every type of gold, silver, leather materials and objects covered with valuable stones available in the museum collection. This workshop operates in coordination with weapon workshop and also with textile workshop for fabric painting procedures.

Textile Workshop

Restoration and conservation procedures are performed in textile workshop on all types of clothing, banner, flag, pennant, tent, canopy and paintings of textile content, textile objects etc. available in the museum collection.

Restoration and conservation procedures to be applied on historical paintings in the museum collection are performed in Painting Restoration Workshop.